Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It's pretty cutesy and commercial, but that's what I thought would work best for the Animal Shelter auction. It's done, turned in and ahead of schedule. So I'm glad.

Monday, February 4, 2008

02/04/08 III

It's hella late, I played WoW too long with the boys tonight, but I hit 68 (Yes, I have a slight nerd issue). So far I've got this planned. I moved it around and drew a few different versions, but this one is working the best. I need to work on the details for the eyes. The eyes tell it all. :) Goodnight.

02/04/08 II

Okay, step two, I added birch trees and smoothed out the backround adding more green, made it a bit more spring like.


OH no! I've got just today and maybe tomorrow to finish the painting I'm donating to the 'Paws for Love 2008' auction! Here's what I did so far, it's kinda big, a 20x30 inch painting.