Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Broken Links - I'm Moving!

So I'm finally going to organize my photobucket account. I've been using it a bit for stuff and I just NEED to put this junk in files.

I've also recently taken on a new email address, moving to and I think I'm going to move over to blogger with that address as well. We'll see. I'll work on figuring it out eventually.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Expresso Bean Busy

Super hyper busy at work. So in anticipation I hit the coffee shop on the way to work for a giant iced coffee AND a little bag of dark choc covered expresso beans. Nothing like a billion things to do and being amped up on expresso. eeeee!

I'll be working the next 12 days in a row, so the cartoon is going to take a little hit in regards to my attention, but I've decided that I need to diversify the story lines I'm working on. Although Cinco, the non-wrestling wrestler is really easy to come up with material for, I don't necessarily want to make him the MAIN character. So I'm working on adding Heidi's hubby. But I'm not keen on all their interactions turning into the often-seen bickering couple. We'll see how it rolls out.

I'm still trying to navigate finding the tools to learning how to design and program the website...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Since blogger just isn't doing it for me with the launch of my new cartoon, I've decided to get my very own domain...BLUNTCAKES.COM! I don't know yet exactly all the ins and outs of design a website, but I'm a smart girl, and with my brother Tyler, we'll figure it out. He's going to be the web content designer and I'll be the programmer-type. We want to launch in early August, and I'll post updates here. I'm excited!

One decision I am having a hard time with is the character I developed with the Ultimate Warrior. I've been told, that he's a copyrighted character, and if I ever make a dime off my toon, that's an issue. So it's back to the drawing board for a new BFF for Heidi. I'm debating between scrapping a wrestler-type dude and keeping him under a new persona. I have a character in mind, Cinco, a character I created a LONG time ago when I geeked out in the late 90's and did eWrestling.

Friday, July 2, 2010

AAAH! Okay, first off, this blogger doesn't seem to work all that well for the formatting of posting my toons. I moved all the gadgets to the bottom, so now they're lost, plus it looks all weird...Lame.

I've decided on a name for my new cartoon strip, Bluntcakes. Okay, it's just my derby name, but it's original (based on my google searches). My goal is to work on getting a stash of strips done and start a website, just for them. Look at this site: My Cardboard Life. That's the kind of website I want. Cute, funky, and all mine for my toons. But, with that said, I should get the internet back up and running at my house, alternatively, I could just continue to suck off the interwebs here at work.