Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Broken Links - I'm Moving!

So I'm finally going to organize my photobucket account. I've been using it a bit for stuff and I just NEED to put this junk in files.

I've also recently taken on a new email address, moving to and I think I'm going to move over to blogger with that address as well. We'll see. I'll work on figuring it out eventually.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Expresso Bean Busy

Super hyper busy at work. So in anticipation I hit the coffee shop on the way to work for a giant iced coffee AND a little bag of dark choc covered expresso beans. Nothing like a billion things to do and being amped up on expresso. eeeee!

I'll be working the next 12 days in a row, so the cartoon is going to take a little hit in regards to my attention, but I've decided that I need to diversify the story lines I'm working on. Although Cinco, the non-wrestling wrestler is really easy to come up with material for, I don't necessarily want to make him the MAIN character. So I'm working on adding Heidi's hubby. But I'm not keen on all their interactions turning into the often-seen bickering couple. We'll see how it rolls out.

I'm still trying to navigate finding the tools to learning how to design and program the website...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Since blogger just isn't doing it for me with the launch of my new cartoon, I've decided to get my very own domain...BLUNTCAKES.COM! I don't know yet exactly all the ins and outs of design a website, but I'm a smart girl, and with my brother Tyler, we'll figure it out. He's going to be the web content designer and I'll be the programmer-type. We want to launch in early August, and I'll post updates here. I'm excited!

One decision I am having a hard time with is the character I developed with the Ultimate Warrior. I've been told, that he's a copyrighted character, and if I ever make a dime off my toon, that's an issue. So it's back to the drawing board for a new BFF for Heidi. I'm debating between scrapping a wrestler-type dude and keeping him under a new persona. I have a character in mind, Cinco, a character I created a LONG time ago when I geeked out in the late 90's and did eWrestling.

Friday, July 2, 2010

AAAH! Okay, first off, this blogger doesn't seem to work all that well for the formatting of posting my toons. I moved all the gadgets to the bottom, so now they're lost, plus it looks all weird...Lame.

I've decided on a name for my new cartoon strip, Bluntcakes. Okay, it's just my derby name, but it's original (based on my google searches). My goal is to work on getting a stash of strips done and start a website, just for them. Look at this site: My Cardboard Life. That's the kind of website I want. Cute, funky, and all mine for my toons. But, with that said, I should get the internet back up and running at my house, alternatively, I could just continue to suck off the interwebs here at work.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

'toon sneak peek!

My cartoon is ready to hit Oeuvre on Thursday, July 1st with their new redesign! I've got two strips that'll appear that day, and I'm excited. I've redesigned my old "Heidi" character and she's much cuter! Bob and I have several ideas brewing for future comics and we're currently discussing creating a small, but regular cast of characters. Here's a teenie sneak peek:


And yes, that's totally a dog holding a taco. Mmmm, tacos!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Toons

I have been approached by an old buddy, who had been the editor of the Reader, is now working on his dream project: Oeuvre: the arts web magazine for Duluth. He's in the process of a redesign to hit the site on July 1 and has approached me for a cartoonist spot! He asked if I would republish my old work that had appeared in the local Ripsaw and the Reader several years back, but looking back on my work, I'm not exactly enthusiastic about it. So that leaves coming up with new work!

One good addition I've made to my toon writing ideas is to add a backup writer, my buddy Bob. He's collaborated and done some funny stuff with a friend on their brief run of 8-Bit Earth, and it was funny stuff. I'm not thinking of changing my own format too much, the cartoon 'Heidi' will probably still appear in most of the cartoons, but Bob and I have about 4 good ideas in our pockets that we want to flesh out this weekend to get something to Dennis first thing on Monday.

Another giant plus to this project is it's online. That means I don't have any size or format restrictions! Full color is possible and I can change up the sizing whenever I wish.

One big thing I'm working on is the name of the cartoon. In the old days it was, "How 'bout you call me Panda?" Which is an inside joke amongst my family and has no meaning to anyone else. Hmmm, I need to work on the title...

EEEEE! Science Friday on NPR is on! I have to go! Happy Weekend all!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Looks like a good waste of time.

Who wouldn't want to waste some work resources and time to print this off and have a new desk buddy?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nothing fancy

I've got no fancy links to give you like the other day. It's friday afternoon and I'm ansy to get out of the office. I've got tons of fun stuff to do this weekend! We're off to pick out Clay some new glasses afterwork and we'll see if I can pick out some sunglasses I actually like to get them all set up with my eye prescription. It'd be so nice to have Rx sunglasses! Then tonight it's rummage sale set up with Jeanna and some beers. Tomorrow she's doing the sale from 7 to 1 only, which is nice since I'm off to "The boys'" house afterwards for their Saturday night party. Bob has promised me CPK and I'm holding him to it. And the weather is beautiful out, I'm excited!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's been awhile...

I haven't posted to my blog in awhile. In fact, I'm sure it only gets like 10 posts a year, but it's something...I've been busy, okay?

The toddler is starting to really get into letters and numbers. Very basically at least. He doesn't quite get how to count, but instead he pretends to count and says, "2...8...9...2...2..." and is working on the alphabet. At night, while I'm tucking him in, he'll play all the letter games I want, probably to keep me talking longer and put off the turning off of the lights. I go through the alphabet slowly and he repeats each letter in the cutest little voice ever. We often to it with Dad on speaker phone when he's working. He isn't saying a few of the letters well, but the speach therapist says that F's are especially hard at first. He says it more like, "EFFFPPPPTTTT".

I'm taking a mini break from derby. Just for a few weeks while I'm getting busier at work and saving up for new skates after the tragic accident in Davenport, IA. But I think my first season of roller derby went remarkably well. I started in late October and made it into two bouts before the season was out. The league is up to 3 practices a week, and I'm sure after work calms down in mid-July I'll be back on the wagon causing giant derby girl pile-ups in no time!

We officially have dumped internet service at the house, at least temporarily, and without cable as well, it's a little quiet, but good quiet. It's gotten me reading a bit and working on projects which is much more satisfying. My latest project is a little more 'craftsy' than I usually go for, but who could resist Mario in cross stitch? I recently read the first Gunslinger book and honestly, it's a "dude's book", if that makes sense, I'm not going into details, but it was just so guy oriented, I couldn't get myself involved with the characters and am not planning on reading the rest of the series, I could care less what happens with The Man in Black.

I'm timidly getting excited for the weekend. "The boys" are having a party Saturday night and if Clay gets home in time, I'll be toddler free and heading down to have some beers and laughs. Oh, and I've been promised some CPK and I know just what I'm going to order.

Websites I discovered this week:
365 days of stormtroopers
Radio Lab

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Wolfman

Okay, I don't ever really 'review' things online, but I finally escaped tonight and went to a movie. I couldn't remember the last movie I've gone to, it's been a long time. I went alone, and it was pretty fun. Going alone felt so 'rogue', and I liked it. Based on comments my brother and best friend made regarding Alice in Wonderland, I opted to see The Wolfman. It has Anthony Hopkins, and that's all I needed to read to make my decision on what to see. I won't copy Ben's 5 star rating system, I like something with more options, so I'll go with the old school grading system. A down to F.

The Wolfman (C+)
Worth seeing in the theaters? NO
Worth renting? MAYBE
Worth purchasing? NO

It was basically your run-of-the-mill werewolf movie. I caught on to the plot WAY too quickly, which is saying something. Anthony Hopkins did the best in his role compared to the other characters, but he wasn't mind blowing. I didn't fall in love with any of the characters. Visually I thought it could have been so much better. The effects were decent enough though, good gore and guts, okay werewolves. And there was a flat-lined love story thrown in. I could tell you the plot in less than 10 sentences, but then I'd be a plot spoiler, but trust me, it wasn't anything very spectacular, this movie's plot line just didn't throw me any punches and I wasn't impressed.

One of the previews however caught my interest, "the Crazies", it looked a little zombie-ish, and who doesn't LOVE zombies? I need to find out more about this movie.