Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I never post.

So what if I haven't posted a blog in four months? What business is it of yours? At least I still remembered I had started a blog.

Well, what have I been up to...Mostly just a whole lot of mother stuff. Quincy is hitting 9 months old in a couple weeks. He's got 5 teeth and is mastering sitting up on his own.

Artwise I've been lazy, or preoccupied with other projects. Mostly my craft projects. I've learned to knit and it's way fun. I've sold a few more items from my etsy store and that rules. I don't want to be some big seller, my real goal is to sell a handful of projects a month, just enough to cover the DSL bill, that would be ideal. Then at least I could justify the time spent knitting and shopping for fun yarns to the hubby. My brother has surpassed me in motivation for our art show with an actual finished piece or two. Maybe I can pull it together. I have had a painting request from a couple of friends. They want a long painting to hang above their headboard that has bamboo in it. Bamboo? I'll have to think on it.