Monday, October 26, 2009

Damn you cheerleaders and your convenient bakesale right next to my office!

Hey, at least I bought the small cookies, the ones without any frosting.

Let's talk about WoW for a little bit. When is the HH mount going to drop? We only have until the end of this week. During the Halloween 2 week holiday, the Headless Horseman can be killed once a day per player. So we get a group together, kill him between 5 and 11 times a night and pray that the mount drops. Sure, it's cool because he has glowy feet, but the ultra cool part is that he's a flying mount as well as a ground mount and that's uber awesome. When will I get one??? The agony...

This weekend my legs are feeling less like chewed up meat after last Wednesday's first roller derby practice, which is awesome because this Wednesday I'm going to get beat up again. I went out and got some cheap pads and a helmet. The quest to think up a cool derby name continues. So far, the front-runner has been Pandasaurus, but it just isn't "it", you know? Other contenders suggested by the friends and fam have been Heidi Hurtabitch, The Serbian, and Panda Power Source. The search continues.

This weekend was a big milestone at home: Clay took down Q's crib! He slept on the crib mattress on the floor, and it was totally no big deal. We read books as usual and tucked him under his favorite Kung Fu Panda blankie with a new pillow, gave him a kiss, turned the lights off, and closed the door. The first night he woke up around 3am a little confused about where he was in the room. All he needed was a little reassurance and he was back to sleep. He slept 12 hours straight last night and at 8am this morning I found him in bed, quietly reading some books! Awesome!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I dedicate today to Roller Derby Bruises & Humas

I can't describe how much fun I had last night! It was my first roller derby practice with the Harbor City Roller Dames! I was entirely enjoying myself even though I probably hadn’t been on skates since I was 12. I’m a little sore today, the back of my left thigh is a bit bruised after a baseball slide fall gone wrong by landing on top of my skate wheels. But, I haven’t had that much fun in a long time, and on top of it I totally got a work out. I had some major stank going on when I got home and it was fantastic! The dames were super nice and inviting. They borrowed me enough pads and a helmet to get me out on the floor with the other “fresh meat” group of about 5 beginner skaters. They had us practicing falls, stopping, cross-overs, pacer line drills, hopping and more. They showed me how to stretch right before and after practice and were super welcoming. I was a sweaty, exhausted mess and I can’t wait to go back next Wednesday!

When I got home, after picking up Q at his first night over at his new babysitter’s house, hopping in the shower and getting the baby to bed, I was ravenously hungry. The night before I attempted to make humas from scratch. I soaked the chic peas, added twice the recommended amount of garlic, and decided to use lime juice instead of lemon only because I love lime more. Initially the concoction was ‘so-so’, but it must have been either the full day of fermentation in the fridge, or my insane hunger, but that was the best humas ever, I put it on toast, settled down to hit up the Headless Horseman boss in WoW with the boys, popped some Advil and went to bed early.

Oh, and on a side note, just for the one person that wants to know…My all-time favorite zombie movie will always be Romero’s Night of the Living Dead...It was the first zombie movie I ever watched. I was maybe 14 at the time, my mother had signed me up to help supervise a kids’ overnight at the Children’s Museum in the basement of the Depot in Duluth. One dark room was set up with a tv and sleeping bags and it was a fun night, kids were running wild all over with barely any sleep or adult supervision. It’s probably the only time I’ve seen that movie in its entirety and I’ve loved zombies ever since. I like them all; the slow dumb ones, or the fast screaming ones, even the ‘smart’ zombies that seem to retain some knowledge of their past lives. Oh, and based on your recommendation, I’ve got my own copy of World War Z. I started it this morning, while Q was in the tub.

Did I mention I can’t wait for next Wednesday? ;)