Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I've been working on a painting idea that I need to hash out and get done by 02/06 to turn in to the auction people for the "Paws for Love" dinner in mid February. I donated a painting last year that brought in some money for them so they asked me if I'd do another similar one. I agreed. So last year the scene was a wintery one (see one of my previous posts for a picture of it) and this year I'll do a spring one.

I thought using rubber cement or contact paper would work to cover one layer of the painting to later reveal the branch/tree backround I wanted. I'm looking for it to turn out with a very 2 dimensional look. I made a practice painting and I'm not happy, or very disappointed either, just kinda blah. The idea needs help.

So first I just started with a backround, some springy colors:

And I added contact paper branches and some rubber cement to see if that would work:

And finally I used some old paint I found in the basement to cover it and I started to peel the contact paper away while still wet:

But honestly I don't insanely love it, and I let it dry sitting up and the old house paint was pretty thick and ran in a few spots, but I think overall the contact paper and rubber cement worked and I'll try it on the painting for the auction and of course add a cute main object of a girl in a kitty hat like they want.


Take some old shoes and draw a bird, hedgehog, some bunnies and some owls.

Then take some old paint and paint it up and finish with some markers.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


So our long time neighbors, we'll call them the 'Smiths' (not their name), have been dumping bags of garbage behind their fence onto our property that is a thin strip of land behind our garage. I went out there today and picked up 2 large garbage bags and 8-10 Walmart like bags filled with garbage. It has to be them, it's a secluded area that only we or they would really ever go near. Last spring I spent a bunch of time cleaning that area up of their garbage and I don't want to have to do it again, so I put all the garbage into their can and left them this note taped to their garbage can. In retrospect, I should have photographed the garbage too, oh well. I'm hoping it does the trick.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today I've been tackling my studio. I seriously need to rearrange in here. It's a fairly big room, I love the bay windows, but I've got so much to fit in here...Sewing desk, Computer desk, art supplies, easel and I'd like to get the baby's playpen in here too so he can sleep in here when I'm working. But so far I've just been busy going through all the crap I've accumulated and deciding what will have to be sent down to the basement.

I did brainstorm an idea for the painting I need to hand over by Feb. 6th for the ARF auction. I want to try and use rubber cement to create a spring leaf/tree design over a painted backround to cover with a darker solid color. Hopefully the rubber cement will release nicely and create a cool mod print like backround for the piece. I'm going to experiment on a smaller canvas first in case it doesn't turn out like I hope for. Maybe I'll have pictures to share with by tomorrow.

But the baby seems to have learned to smile in only 2 days. He's adorable, so I'll give you this for now...

Monday, January 21, 2008


I've created a blog before, written a handful of posts and added pictures but I eventually deleted it after reviewing my posts and coming to the conclusion that it was lame, pointless and uninteresting. But now, with the support of my brother Tyler, and our new 2008 year long pact/goal/resolution I've got more than enough to blog about on a regular basis.

Tyler called me today and we both expressed disappointment in ourselves because of our lack of productivity when it comes to our artwork. He suggested an art pact, to motivate us with an end goal in mind, to have our own brother/sister art show in 12 months, in February 2009. We're putting a minimum of 20 pieces each together. The venue, even the city of our show is yet to be determined as he lives down south in Madison, WI and I'm up north in Superior, next to Duluth, MN.

He put together an email outlining our resolution:

Happy New Year!

We have successfully completed 2004- Year of the Holly (met Michele and Johnny- successfully kick started my adult life) and 2007- Year of the Panda (enter: Quincy). Now, feast your eyes on 2008- Year of the Art Show! That's right folks, the sister brother duo, Heidi and Tyler, have teamed up to create the most kick ass event of the next 12 months!

Long Term Goal:
To put on a real Art Show by Feb. 2009.
Each artist must have 20 pieces- any size, any medium (except photography)

In July, the half-way point: meet to discuss the layout of the show, the show's title, date and location. We will also plan our take away items, invitations, business cards and flyers.

Every 2 weeks, a keyword will be decided on. Artists are encouraged to use this key word to guide/encourage/harass them into working on and completing a piece. Artists may complete more than 1 piece every two weeks.

Every week, artists must blog about something regarding this show. Whether it's a few sentences about how much they rock and/or suck, or post pics of sketches or works in progress. Artists may include photos of completed pieces, but not very many, as to not blow our loads too early you see.

This weeks' keyword: Seasons

Tyler's blogspot:
Heidi's blogspot:

I don't want to look too far ahead, but I'm hoping we can expand this idea by adding goals in selling, and new customers, and maintaining our levels of productivity and blogging.Good luck!

So we've got "Seasons" to work with this week. I picked it and am now almost regretting it. It could lead to some really cliche ideas. I picked it because of a piece I'm working on for the ARF auction/dinner fundraiser that I donated a painting to last year. I did a medium sized painting that was a winter scene, it was very 'Russian-Holly Hobby-Lost in the Woods.' It sold for $85 if I remember right and had lots of bids. So when Kathy called me to request if I'd do another one she asked if I'd put together another one like the last, but maybe change up the season of the painting, make it like a series.

I wasn't necessarily even proud of that painting. It was pretty different than any of my other paintings over the last few years, but I thought that making something a bit more commercial, cute and crafty would bring in more bids. It did, so apparently I'm doing another one. I don't know why I feel it's important to explain why this painting was so commercial and crafty, I like crafty. That why I've been working on my hats so much lately, it's fun. I fell in love with and opened my own store selling my cute crocheted hats of all sizes. I've sold 3 so far on the site!

Okay, that enough blogging for today, I think I'll work on my project/studio room, it's a mess.