Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reminiscing with the geek me of 10 years ago.

So Saturday is the rummage sale, and while in the basement tonight hunting for items for the sale, I ran across something that really made me laugh at myself. This is completely going to reveal how big of a geek I was/am. Amongst other treasures like my U.S. state key chain collection (I think I have about 40!) I found this cute little pink sparkly notebook. It's the notebook that I logged info about the other eWrestler characters in my eWrestling guild thing from like 10 years ago. Hilarious!

Each pink page was devoted to a wrestler, apparently I kept notes on some of the characters to keep up with who was who, and who sucked.

Wrestler: CJ Hunter
- Tag team w/Pras, called "Random Violence"
- Pretty good promo, all shit talk about others, especially "newbies"

Wrestler: The Shattered One
- wears a silver mask
- "kidnapped?" DA (Kestral Falco's grandpa). Pretended to cut off his hand.
- okay rp

Wrestler: Shawn Hillard
- ex semi driver
- poor shit talker, boring rp

Wrestler: Chris Saint
- long black hair
- fucked up Charles Darwin quote following poor rp

Wrestler: The Dark Phantom
- "faceless entity"
- DP for short
- okay rp, nothing special, just shit talk

Wrestler: The Revolution Adam Knight
- former friends w/ Blade
- married to Samantha Knight
- pet wolf named Midnight
- Darrel Besolve beat up the whole "family", Samantha hospitalized
- friends with Ty Walker
- awesome rp

Wrestler: The Master of Combat: Wolfgang Krauser
- newbie w/anime pictured site.
- mention of Krauser's fam involved w/ the Nazis
- crap rp

Wrestler: Curt Olsen
- Great Lakes Champion
- "bruised ego"
- Canadian?
- pretty good rp

Wrestler: Ace Stevens
- GAS2K movie theater
- MKT3K rip off
- great rp, 2002 predicts

Wrestler: Killa187
- GAS2K movie theater
- MKT3K rip off
- stupid...
- looking for 3rd member for Da Ace Killas

My wrestler's name was Cinco, he only had one arm, and he had a pet sidekick monkey named Seis who did nothing but cause trouble. Oh yes, Seis only had one eye.