Monday, October 26, 2009

Damn you cheerleaders and your convenient bakesale right next to my office!

Hey, at least I bought the small cookies, the ones without any frosting.

Let's talk about WoW for a little bit. When is the HH mount going to drop? We only have until the end of this week. During the Halloween 2 week holiday, the Headless Horseman can be killed once a day per player. So we get a group together, kill him between 5 and 11 times a night and pray that the mount drops. Sure, it's cool because he has glowy feet, but the ultra cool part is that he's a flying mount as well as a ground mount and that's uber awesome. When will I get one??? The agony...

This weekend my legs are feeling less like chewed up meat after last Wednesday's first roller derby practice, which is awesome because this Wednesday I'm going to get beat up again. I went out and got some cheap pads and a helmet. The quest to think up a cool derby name continues. So far, the front-runner has been Pandasaurus, but it just isn't "it", you know? Other contenders suggested by the friends and fam have been Heidi Hurtabitch, The Serbian, and Panda Power Source. The search continues.

This weekend was a big milestone at home: Clay took down Q's crib! He slept on the crib mattress on the floor, and it was totally no big deal. We read books as usual and tucked him under his favorite Kung Fu Panda blankie with a new pillow, gave him a kiss, turned the lights off, and closed the door. The first night he woke up around 3am a little confused about where he was in the room. All he needed was a little reassurance and he was back to sleep. He slept 12 hours straight last night and at 8am this morning I found him in bed, quietly reading some books! Awesome!

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CitizenBen said...

Pandasaurus Rex IS AWE-SOME!
I can't say much on the cookie thing, since Saturday night post-Mighty Mike's wedding we came home and watched horror flicks (Trick R' Treat & I Am Legend) with Dave & Liz. I ate almost an entire plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I was simultaneously embarrassed and full. Delightful.
I responded via the e-mails with some name suggestions. When you hit it big and use one of my suggestions I want a cut of the merchandizing!
That's awesome to hear about Q. and the crib being put away. The coolest part is he slept that long and then woke up to read. I swear you guys are raising a little uber-genius.
I'm off to hang streamers for Halloween '09 Party while jammin' out to Iron Maiden!