Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's been awhile...

I haven't posted to my blog in awhile. In fact, I'm sure it only gets like 10 posts a year, but it's something...I've been busy, okay?

The toddler is starting to really get into letters and numbers. Very basically at least. He doesn't quite get how to count, but instead he pretends to count and says, "2...8...9...2...2..." and is working on the alphabet. At night, while I'm tucking him in, he'll play all the letter games I want, probably to keep me talking longer and put off the turning off of the lights. I go through the alphabet slowly and he repeats each letter in the cutest little voice ever. We often to it with Dad on speaker phone when he's working. He isn't saying a few of the letters well, but the speach therapist says that F's are especially hard at first. He says it more like, "EFFFPPPPTTTT".

I'm taking a mini break from derby. Just for a few weeks while I'm getting busier at work and saving up for new skates after the tragic accident in Davenport, IA. But I think my first season of roller derby went remarkably well. I started in late October and made it into two bouts before the season was out. The league is up to 3 practices a week, and I'm sure after work calms down in mid-July I'll be back on the wagon causing giant derby girl pile-ups in no time!

We officially have dumped internet service at the house, at least temporarily, and without cable as well, it's a little quiet, but good quiet. It's gotten me reading a bit and working on projects which is much more satisfying. My latest project is a little more 'craftsy' than I usually go for, but who could resist Mario in cross stitch? I recently read the first Gunslinger book and honestly, it's a "dude's book", if that makes sense, I'm not going into details, but it was just so guy oriented, I couldn't get myself involved with the characters and am not planning on reading the rest of the series, I could care less what happens with The Man in Black.

I'm timidly getting excited for the weekend. "The boys" are having a party Saturday night and if Clay gets home in time, I'll be toddler free and heading down to have some beers and laughs. Oh, and I've been promised some CPK and I know just what I'm going to order.

Websites I discovered this week:
365 days of stormtroopers
Radio Lab

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