Friday, June 25, 2010

New Toons

I have been approached by an old buddy, who had been the editor of the Reader, is now working on his dream project: Oeuvre: the arts web magazine for Duluth. He's in the process of a redesign to hit the site on July 1 and has approached me for a cartoonist spot! He asked if I would republish my old work that had appeared in the local Ripsaw and the Reader several years back, but looking back on my work, I'm not exactly enthusiastic about it. So that leaves coming up with new work!

One good addition I've made to my toon writing ideas is to add a backup writer, my buddy Bob. He's collaborated and done some funny stuff with a friend on their brief run of 8-Bit Earth, and it was funny stuff. I'm not thinking of changing my own format too much, the cartoon 'Heidi' will probably still appear in most of the cartoons, but Bob and I have about 4 good ideas in our pockets that we want to flesh out this weekend to get something to Dennis first thing on Monday.

Another giant plus to this project is it's online. That means I don't have any size or format restrictions! Full color is possible and I can change up the sizing whenever I wish.

One big thing I'm working on is the name of the cartoon. In the old days it was, "How 'bout you call me Panda?" Which is an inside joke amongst my family and has no meaning to anyone else. Hmmm, I need to work on the title...

EEEEE! Science Friday on NPR is on! I have to go! Happy Weekend all!

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CitizenBen said...

I'm still voting for "They STILL Call Me Panda!"