Friday, July 9, 2010

Expresso Bean Busy

Super hyper busy at work. So in anticipation I hit the coffee shop on the way to work for a giant iced coffee AND a little bag of dark choc covered expresso beans. Nothing like a billion things to do and being amped up on expresso. eeeee!

I'll be working the next 12 days in a row, so the cartoon is going to take a little hit in regards to my attention, but I've decided that I need to diversify the story lines I'm working on. Although Cinco, the non-wrestling wrestler is really easy to come up with material for, I don't necessarily want to make him the MAIN character. So I'm working on adding Heidi's hubby. But I'm not keen on all their interactions turning into the often-seen bickering couple. We'll see how it rolls out.

I'm still trying to navigate finding the tools to learning how to design and program the website...


CitizenBen said...

- Do you bicker with Clay? I didn't think so. SO why should your main character bicker with her husband. Distill who the husband is down into five descriptive words, then take those five words and see how they work into your sense of humor. I'm guessing you'll come up with at least two continuing concepts that work and neither will be bickering.
- I LOVE(s) me some chocolate covered expresso beans.

- I'm looking forward to the insanity of CINCO!

Heidi said...

Thanks Ben, for being my sole commited blog reader.


But anyways, at first, I've gotten advice from my Ideas Man - Bob, to focus on Cinco and Heidi, develop those characters before introducing more to the circle. The idea being that readers will be 'invested' in the initial two before introducing more. Now that I have done three different 'story line sets' of strips for the two of them, he's telling me not to focus on Cinco too much and introduce more so that I'm more diversified. Arg! I see what he means though, but damn, it's super easy to come up with funny stuff for a dude in wrestling face paint. Part of me thinks though, if the funny is rolling with Cinco, just keep on it.

But no, Clay and I don't bicker. We do purposefully get on each other's nerves sometimes though, which isn't the healthiest thing to do, but at least we're not a couple that every really fights. We're both too laid-back. But that all creates a kind of un-funny relationship to pick apart in a comic. It needs more thought.

CitizenBen said...

- What can I say, I may not be in the BFF catagory, but I've at least become consistent.
- I agree with Bob, you need three to five lynchpin characters. You have two, three more should be perfect.
- Treat it like a 'Secret War' between cartoon Heidi & her husband, they do Spy Vs. Spy things to each other not out of spite, but out of keeping things fresh. The thing I think with comedy is to take the mundane and make, for lack of a better term, wacky. But of course what do I know I still watch cartoons...