Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Since blogger just isn't doing it for me with the launch of my new cartoon, I've decided to get my very own domain...BLUNTCAKES.COM! I don't know yet exactly all the ins and outs of design a website, but I'm a smart girl, and with my brother Tyler, we'll figure it out. He's going to be the web content designer and I'll be the programmer-type. We want to launch in early August, and I'll post updates here. I'm excited!

One decision I am having a hard time with is the character I developed with the Ultimate Warrior. I've been told, that he's a copyrighted character, and if I ever make a dime off my toon, that's an issue. So it's back to the drawing board for a new BFF for Heidi. I'm debating between scrapping a wrestler-type dude and keeping him under a new persona. I have a character in mind, Cinco, a character I created a LONG time ago when I geeked out in the late 90's and did eWrestling.

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CitizenBen said...

I had COMPLETELY forgot about your E-fed wrestling experience. FORGET our talk about using synonyms for the Ultimate Wrestler, GO WITH CINCO!
Good stuff.