Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I've been working on a painting idea that I need to hash out and get done by 02/06 to turn in to the auction people for the "Paws for Love" dinner in mid February. I donated a painting last year that brought in some money for them so they asked me if I'd do another similar one. I agreed. So last year the scene was a wintery one (see one of my previous posts for a picture of it) and this year I'll do a spring one.

I thought using rubber cement or contact paper would work to cover one layer of the painting to later reveal the branch/tree backround I wanted. I'm looking for it to turn out with a very 2 dimensional look. I made a practice painting and I'm not happy, or very disappointed either, just kinda blah. The idea needs help.

So first I just started with a backround, some springy colors:

And I added contact paper branches and some rubber cement to see if that would work:

And finally I used some old paint I found in the basement to cover it and I started to peel the contact paper away while still wet:

But honestly I don't insanely love it, and I let it dry sitting up and the old house paint was pretty thick and ran in a few spots, but I think overall the contact paper and rubber cement worked and I'll try it on the painting for the auction and of course add a cute main object of a girl in a kitty hat like they want.

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