Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today I've been tackling my studio. I seriously need to rearrange in here. It's a fairly big room, I love the bay windows, but I've got so much to fit in here...Sewing desk, Computer desk, art supplies, easel and I'd like to get the baby's playpen in here too so he can sleep in here when I'm working. But so far I've just been busy going through all the crap I've accumulated and deciding what will have to be sent down to the basement.

I did brainstorm an idea for the painting I need to hand over by Feb. 6th for the ARF auction. I want to try and use rubber cement to create a spring leaf/tree design over a painted backround to cover with a darker solid color. Hopefully the rubber cement will release nicely and create a cool mod print like backround for the piece. I'm going to experiment on a smaller canvas first in case it doesn't turn out like I hope for. Maybe I'll have pictures to share with by tomorrow.

But the baby seems to have learned to smile in only 2 days. He's adorable, so I'll give you this for now...

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