Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Wolfman

Okay, I don't ever really 'review' things online, but I finally escaped tonight and went to a movie. I couldn't remember the last movie I've gone to, it's been a long time. I went alone, and it was pretty fun. Going alone felt so 'rogue', and I liked it. Based on comments my brother and best friend made regarding Alice in Wonderland, I opted to see The Wolfman. It has Anthony Hopkins, and that's all I needed to read to make my decision on what to see. I won't copy Ben's 5 star rating system, I like something with more options, so I'll go with the old school grading system. A down to F.

The Wolfman (C+)
Worth seeing in the theaters? NO
Worth renting? MAYBE
Worth purchasing? NO

It was basically your run-of-the-mill werewolf movie. I caught on to the plot WAY too quickly, which is saying something. Anthony Hopkins did the best in his role compared to the other characters, but he wasn't mind blowing. I didn't fall in love with any of the characters. Visually I thought it could have been so much better. The effects were decent enough though, good gore and guts, okay werewolves. And there was a flat-lined love story thrown in. I could tell you the plot in less than 10 sentences, but then I'd be a plot spoiler, but trust me, it wasn't anything very spectacular, this movie's plot line just didn't throw me any punches and I wasn't impressed.

One of the previews however caught my interest, "the Crazies", it looked a little zombie-ish, and who doesn't LOVE zombies? I need to find out more about this movie.


CitizenBen said...

SWEET a Heidi review!
I haven't seen it, but I heard the Wolfman was sort of "blah" and your description leads me to think that their opinions were correct. So thanks for saving me some cash.

As for the Crazies it looks like a Zombie flick because the original was a Romero flick, guy who did the original 'Dead' flicks. He did post Dawn Of The Dead. I've read that the remake is ROCK solid, so I too am interested in it.

Heidi said...