Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do you like THEM apples? Is that how that saying goes? I think I got it wrong, but you know what I mean. Whipped this baby up for the bout in a couple weeks against the Mississippi Valley Mayhem league that's coming up on the 19th!

I got a call on Tuesday, it was Red Malicious, she was asking if I could whip something up by Thursday because who knows what happened to the dude who said he would design posters...I need me some photoshop and next time I'll just demand to know what needs to be on them to get it done myself. :)

I'm off to bed early tonight, before midnight, in hopes I'm not dragging my feet tomorrow.

Last night's practice went well although it seemed a little relaxed, but that was probably because our main practice leader Red was off somewhere for the night. I wasn't sweating like a dog (wait, dogs don't sweat) until a couple scrimages into the evening! Good nights I'm a mess even by the time we get through warm up and stretches!

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CitizenBen said...

It looks good. And yes I will try to get you Photoshop, sorry it's taken so long.

I never liked working myself like a dog during athletics, but I sure didn't hate it either. There is something strangly liberating about it.