Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm excited for this weekend, so amped that I'm not sleepy yet, and I should be. The Bob-o-nator is coming up to visit and the Bout is on Saturday!!! Mississippi Valley Mayhem is coming to roller derby my Harbor City Roller Dames. I'm not skating, but I'll be there shouting my ass off for the girls. I think maybe this spring I'll be bout ready? Who knows. Even just skating my ass off in practice has been awesome. I need to get some skates!

I've got this slow burn blister coming in on my right foot from last night's practice. I don't know what it was, a combo of the killer fishnets I was wearing or the sole of the loaner rink skates was messed up. But it'll be nasty and I'll make sure to show it off whenever I can. lol.

Our jerseys with the team logo I created will be ready for Saturday night, and I'm excited to see how they turned out. And I'll get to wear mine, Bluntcakes - 420. Yes, I went with 420 as my number, hehe. And why not?

Ben-jam-in: I finished WWZ. I read it really slow so that I didn't waste it, because I think I'm in love with that book and I wished there was a second one. I don't know about the ending section. The reflection of 'how I made it through with whatever shreds of a healthly pschological outlook remaining' wasn't really my favorite part. But, I'll go tell it to the whales...

Ooh, I purchased something insanely cute from etsy tonight. The cute factor of a life sized Hello Kitty hair bow barrette might be over the top for my cuteness level, but I'm going to rock it anyhow.

Apparently we're having turkey for thanksgiving thank's to Clay's boss. I need to pick it up tomorrow. My surprise that they're doing anything for their drivers will most likely be squashed when I see how small the turkey is, but I can keep my hopes up.

I went to the DMV today to renew the Aveo plates. It was like an alternate universe in there. I was the only customer and the DMV chick said I could come right to the counter and didn't have to grab a stupid card to fill out, she did it all for me. 2 minutes later I had my new sticker and was off to work. It was like Bizarro-DMV. Speaking of Clay, I need to figure out a Christmas present for him. We're just doing small gifts for eachother this year. And then maybe we'll buy something bigger to share. He suggested a microwave (ours is like 10 years old now and makes sounds like Gremlins having a party) or a snowblower. Both sound so responsible and lame, plus our Gremlin microwave still works, it just sounds like crap. I don't really see the problem.

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CitizenBen said...

Make sure to care for that blister, you don't want an infection... Holy crap I sound like a "mom"... You have to send me a picture of how the jersey's turned out.
As for WWZ, I completely agree. The nice thing is there is a graphic novel out now that's called "Recorded Attacks" that covers zombie outbreaks throughout history. It's really good, it's a nice bookend to WWZ. I highly recommend the Audiobook version as well as it's incredible. I can make you a copy if you want.
There's no shame in practical gifts, yeah they sort of sap the fun out of Christmas, but that's what the rest of the year & little gifts to show appreciation and affection are for...
If I don't talk to you before hand, you and yours have a happy holiday.