Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My boss is taking me out to lunch today for Christmas. It'll be nice, I haven't been out to eat without a 2-year-old in tow for weeks, and even at that, it was McDonalds. As a Mom of a toddler I thoroughly appreciate the McDonalds atmosphere. Here's why: If the baby decides to throw a big fit, chuck his McNuggets at the people across the room or blow milk out his nose onto the cashier, who really cares? If you thought that you were going to have a peaceful, quiet, enjoyable dinner - YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN MCDONALDS. Q hasn't thrown any giant public tantrums yet (and I know it's coming), but he's into protesting because it's fun to put up a stink and piss off your Mom.

I'm extremely proud of one of my best friends, Erica. With a full course load at nursing school working on her RN, 3 kids (one of which just turned 1) and a night job as a Nurse's Assistant (glorified ass-wiper) at the local hospital, and she managed to pull of a 4.0 semester. AWEsome, simply awesome. She needs a beer!

As the semester is ending today here on campus and starting next month I'm eligible for reimbursement help due to my employment status, I've decided to start one course in January here at CSS. I'm about to head to the registrar's office to start the process. One good thing to help motivate me is the assistant across the hall from my office, we're going to do the course together. We've been busy debating which class to take, and since my heart is set on science, maybe biology, I hope she agrees. We'll do a morning course so that I'll have no trouble with daycare. Exciting!

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CitizenBen said...

I can't do McD's, the food hurts my soul.
I do however agree that you KNOW what your getting into when you go into a fast food place.
Congrats to Erica.
You go rock that SCIENCE out!
Have a good holiday...