Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's almost 2010! I'm not a big new years resolution type. But, in 2008 my brother and I attempted an art challenge resolution that we're going to revive this year in hopes that we stick with it more than 3 months. The details aren't hashed out yet. In 2008, the basic plan was one art theme each month (we took turns choosing a theme) and one completed piece was due at the end of the month, style, materials, and such were all left up to us to determine. Both of us have always secretly dreamed of being very prolific (is saying 'very' and 'prolific' next to each other redundant? idk), but sadly we're just not. We are, however, great at projects people ask us to do: paintings; tattoos; logos; posters; Halloween costumes. Projects with a few parameters, a deadline, a starting concept. We're also good at starting projects without finishing them and looking at someone else's work and saying, "well I would have done that completely different, and maybe it would have actually turned out."

So with those things in mind, I'll be coming up with the 2010 brother/sister art challenge that should cater a little bit better towards what we already do well. Maybe we could start projects for each other to improve on and finish, or have art assignments with more guides for us to work off of and deadlines for finishing that the 2008 plan lacked. I've got two more days left until the New Year, so I'll come up with a more concrete idea by then, hopefully.

On another note, I learned that I can successfully hide turkey left-overs in mac-n-cheese and the toddler loves it! Also, when napping on the couch during yet another viewing of Finding Nemo, there is a risk of getting sippy cup milk dumped on your head.

Derby news: The next two home Bouts will be on March 20th and May 1st. I really really need to try and get on the roster for one of them. And I better see my friends and family there to see me obliterate some skinny bitches at my first bout. I don't know if I'll be more nervous about it if I knew who was watching me though, but there isn't room for trepidation in derby.

I've been excitedly looking at taking one course this next semester at the college I work at. I filled out my non-degree seeking application today (since it'd just be easier for the one class), and went to talk to a business office buddy to find out how much I'd have to fork over for it, and was appalled. For one course? I'm not going to get in the details, but I'm not eligible for student loans with one course. I'm going to get talk to the financial aid office to get the exact amount, and as an employee there are some perks, so I'm not giving up all hope. I need the husband to get a job like every other Dad I know, that's at home everyday so I can actually devote time to going back to school full time. I can't even pick a program I'd want to work towards anyhow. The accelerated degree night program doesn't offer anything I'm remotely interested in, so that's disheartening too.

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