Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Buspirone, my new friend...

This is pure blather; just to fore-warn you.

Things you didn't know:
Chopsticks the cat has a shark tooth shaped white spot of fur on his nose. Awesome cat, awesome.
I not only check my straws before I drink out of them to check for bugs, but will rinse brand new straws out in case there WERE bugs and they left bug germs or bug poo.
Quincy tonight was an angel getting to bed. We read The Night Before Christmas because he loves to point out Santa on every page. Then I tucked him in and laid down by his bed and sang him some Christmas songs. Between some lines he would say, "Mama kissy" so that I'd take a time out to give him a kiss and then continue. How fucking sweet is that?
I have the world's best friends. Namely, Rodney, Bob, Jason, my brother Tyler and yes, even Chumpy-Chump Erica. I live a spoiled life.
I'm excited for the Thanks-Christmas-Vaca in the Dells with my Mom, siblings, their families and mine in December. I don't give a crap how fat my gut looks in my swimsuit, I'm going to let it all hang out to party down with them at the waterpark.

In derby news:
Sunday night's practice was BRUTAL, I thought I might seriously have a heart attack. We did a half hour practice bout. 7 girls on a team, 4 on the track for the up to 2 minute each bout with a 30 second break between rounds. So that meant we did about 2 bouts and took one off for a break. Plus, we had to rotate so everyone eventually played all positions. I did jammer twice. Let's face it, I'm not even close to being a jammer. I'm not super fast yet, I fell three times in one round, but the cheers when you work your ass to get up as fast as possible to catch up were worth it. I'm a pack skater. When the jammer goes through and I give her a hefty push to send her flying ahead that's awesome. Skating next to someone to team up to build a good wall is tits. But I have a hard time remembering all I need to keep in mind, plus monitor what the rest of my team was doing, and then throw in the other team! AND we were doing positional blocking only, no real rough stuff as there were a handful of newbie girls in the mix. I kept cutting the track and Jeffy was yelling at me for it, but jeez, I've got enough on my plate to worry about the damn line. I'm looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow night! Just try and take me out!

The birthday:
Had an awesome time. Took the weekend off from Mommy duties and lounged in the cities, ate awesome food, I didn't stick with dieting, but just made sure not to over-eat. Rodney made carrot cake cupcakes just for me with made-from-scratch frosting. Saturday evening when I'd had enough wine to drown a large raccoon I ate one in two bites. Jason totally made fun at me that he's never seen my mouth open that wide. Did some shopping, had a personal chauffeur, Bob, to the MoA, to hit up Torrid to find a trashy derby skirt, and got the perfect 'boutfit'. Even found some decent thrift stores, hung out at Toys R Us and goofed off. Played WoW and partied with some awesome people.

I have to go to bed!

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CitizenBen said...

Happy belated B-Day.
Sounds as if you have your hands full, but in a good way.
Isn't it insanely rewarding to be doing something physically and not just know, but SEE the results. Not to mention being a part of a team is awesome.