Monday, September 15, 2008

The Anniversary

It's our 7th wedding anniversary. No special activities planned, the hubby actually had to leave for work this morning around 5am and will be gone all week. I think our only exchange was him apologizing for waking the baby as he tried to tuck him into bed with me because he was crying and having a bit of a fit.

7 years ago I slept over night at my Mom's apartment the night before the wedding. We were up until 3am I think working on making the bouquets. A friend of mine who owns a flower business gave me 100 roses for our gift. My brother and I passed out on the futon mattress in the living room talking about when we were kids and the stupid things we did.

The night of our wedding we spent at a beautifully expensive suite paid for by his parents. We were dead asleep by around midnight, we were exhausted from the wedding I think. My friends reported later that they all went out after we took off and had a fabulous night of partying without us.

In etsy news, I sold the baby ghost hat! I'm making another which I'll post tonight, I hope the pumpkin one and spider sell too!

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