Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who do I need to hurt just to get a part time job? I'm totally hire-able. Great resume, and I've been hunting everyday online in all sorts of places looking for, applying and dropping of resumes. Anyways, I think the baby is getting his first baby molar. I can't feel anything yet, but just his general crankiness tipped me off to the issue. He's usually such a mellow guy. I need to put him to bed and get working on a new etsy item, I wanted to do 4 this week and so far I've only done one.

What else did I do today other than job hunt? I cleaned the downstairs pretty well, my mother even complimented me on how cute the house looks. The picture is of the scarflet thing I made. Mom loved it, but I'm not going to list it until I can get her to model it for the photo. Otherwise I surfed the internet a bit, here's some cool places I went:

A cool 'How To' video on etsy on making natural dyes.
My favorite bitch fest - The Duluth Citizen's Blog
Danny's podcast - Danny Does Duluth

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