Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I made another ghost hat to replace the one that sold...Hopefully I'll finish another item to post today. I'm thinking an adult sized hat, with a felt acorn on it. Needs more thought.

Otherwise I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. I got invited to the beta testing of their new expansion WotLK! And it's so fun! I can't wait for the real game to come out. I'm going to level a death knight class first. For those that don't speak WoW, just skip this information entirely, you won't care a thing about it. I'd say that about 40% of the DKs running around the beta DK starting area are girl gnomes with pigtails, me included! Most are humans, sometimes you see a dranei, but rarely ever do you see a dwarf. The quests are fun too. Northrend is insanely fun just to fly around on a premade lvl 80. I chose a hunter to play with the talent tree stuff. It costs only 1c to respec and the premades come with 5000g to start with!

I think we're off to visit a friend today. She's due with her 3rd child on October 14th and is at home bored. They have two boys and this one is a girl, they're going to name her Violet and I LOVE the name!

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