Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fantastic News!

I got an email through my etsy store from an art studio owner in Virginia. She loved my hats so much that she wants to sell them in her gift shop! How exciting is that? I'm so stoked! She said really nice things about my work and I'm really flattered. She charges $15 a month to rent space in her shop and sends 100% of purchases back to the artists! I'm planning on sending her 8 hats to start with.

I asked her if I needed a cute basket or hat rack to disply my items and she thought a hat rack would really be a good display, so now I'm on the hunt to find something that will work, and be something I could fairly easily ship to her.

My Uncle Cozzy owns a screen printing business and I stopped by there today to brainstorm with him on who I could make labels with my website information to sew into each hat. Why is all ribbon made out of 10% Polyester? His ink needs to be heat set and that would just melt in his ink oven thing. I need to do some searching for what to make the tags out of...

Then tonight I went out for dinner with my sisterinlaw and her buddies. I brought two of my hats for her or her friends to model for a couple of pictures...The acorn hat above is one of them. And one of them fell in love with a bear ear hat and bought it! Score!

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