Monday, September 8, 2008

I had to run to the Reader Weekly office today. Dennis is their new editor, he agreed to fill out this referral form for me. I needed it for the Americorps Vista application I turned in. The job sounds perfect for me. I'd be working with lower income families and kids hooking them up with the UW-Extension programs and 4H. Doing grant writing for them and working with the school district to establish after school programs. It's a one year volunteer position, but it does have a $833 living expense. It also comes with childcare assistance, health insurance and an almost $5,000 scholarship. But it's a full time job although I've been told that a lot of the work I'll be able to do from home. My interview is scheduled for Wednesday at 3pm. It's all going to boil down to how much time the baby will need childcare for. I'll need to pick something out to wear!

The Reader Weekly is a free local weekly edition paper that I used to write a cartoon for. I also helped out in the office with their ads and community calendar. That's one of my old cartoons above. I really feel a nap coming on...

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